Monday, August 1, 2005

low on confidence?

how do people get to that conclusion. ever wondered why people bite their nails? one of the reasons could be a low level of self confidence or self esteem, which i think is non sense since, one often comes across people who hold themselves in high esteem , have loads of confidence and still bite their nails.

there could be a possibility that they do that when they are anxious , or trying to contain adrenalin , or trying to think so they can come up with something constructive . ( you know , its hard nowadays to do that , on this  mudball called earth ) well one things for sure that biting nails might not be a site to behold , but it certainly does noone any harm . while it does annoy the watcher, the doer might wanna get over it as well, and one just needs to begin to realise that he/she is doin it. 

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  1. Guess you bite ur nails quite often :-) However, i'm sure what triggers it is the latter part - High on confidence!
    And this very reason can drive you to kick the habit (since you'd mentioned you wouldn't want it)...So, keep the confidence level stately!


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