Monday, August 8, 2005

Suzuki Esteem

She is amazing, at least compared to the competition on on road in india. a 1.3l engine , 84 horses under the hood , light like a feather and a responsive engine that takes you from standstill to 100 in 12 sec. thats whopping for a 1.3L block. a top whack of 165 kmph ( the fastest i have been is 145 ).

The only concern is the breaking , a sudden break at 100 kmph and the screeching tyres will stop your heart for a minute. the vx boasts of goodies like power this, power that , study lamp (now why would one need that) among others. one doesnt need to do much to pamper her. a general servicing every 5000 kms will set your wallet back by just over Rs. 1500 /- now thats less than what most of us earn in a day. btw .. any soul on the road can repair a maruti-suzuki in India.
Hang on for the new girl "the Accent notchback"

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