Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dec1. Happened to be at Cairo and Nuwaiba in Egypt on my way to Israel. For a change there is no climbing or driving involved here. Feels kind of odd to be visiting places sitting in an air conditioned bus.

Stay was at a hotel named Delta Pyramids and the less said the better. Cairo  is highly polluted and densely populated. Majority of the buildings are left incomplete for tax purposes and people tend to be rude.

Its extremely hot during the day and cold during the nights. There is nothing much here in my opinion. Pyramids at Giza, The Sphynx, Long winding roads often crossing the Nile distributaries etcetera. Nothing spectacular though.
Young Egyptian Ladies with Mom @ Giza

Dec3. Passed through Suez canal on my way to Nuwaiba. Befriended the driver named Wafiq. He is a good guy. The stay in Nuwaiba was at the Helnan Resort. It was beautiful. I strolled by the Red Sea and even hung around the pier for a while at midnight. Did a few laps in the swimming pool at about 7 in the morning. The waters were freezing. Had a nice heavy breakfast after the dip.

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