Tuesday, December 14, 2010


4 - 9 Dec 10
Had to be at a Prayer Conference to keep my mom company. We headed towards Jerusalem from Helnan(Egypt) via Eilat & The Dead Sea. Eilat is a beautiful Port City. It was dark by the time we reached dead sea and about 9'ish by the time we reached Jerusalem. Stay was at a Hotel called The Park. Bright Spot -- Free Internet. :D

Jerusalem is a beautifully planned city, somewhat like Chandigarh back home. Thoroughly enjoyed my walks late night. Apparently, it is also a safe city since I found ladies out for a stroll at 2200 or even 2300. I would usually walk a fair distance into the freeway that leads to Tel Aviv or around the Knesset. 

10 Dec 10
Headed out for Tiberius via Nazareth and Cana. The drive was beautiful but things would have been better in a self driven car. Overnight at a local Hotel was alright. Next day we headed to Amman, Jordan after a nice ferry ride in the sea of Galilee.

11 Dec 10
Amman is really cold this time of the year. And I HAD to walk. To make matters worse it rained and snowed a bit and guess who got drenched.

12 Dec 10
A late morning flight to Kuwait followed by a  rest for a few hours, and  a late night flight to Chennai.

Thank God for the trip.

But I think I will stick to Mountain Sports. This "Touring in a Bus - Site Seeing thing" is definitely not my cup.  :)

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