Sunday, April 29, 2012

Out of Rishikesh

Its been a couple of days since I reached Chennai, just in time for my sisters birthday. Mutton in spicy gravy at my sisters place and Beef Roast with rice and chicken biriyani at home were the first things waiting for me. Another day of that torturous vegetarian food at Rishikesh and I might have flipped. Apart from the food, the place is not bad. Of course, white water rafting didn't exactly enthral me. So I thought may be a little bit of kayaking was worth trying before I left for Chennai. The last time I did kayak was a decade ago in a lake near Coimbatore. I was not sure if I could handle it. I spoke to Nitin, an acquaintance in Rishikesh, and he fixed me with Hari a Kayak Instructor. Hari and I practiced for a couple of hours at the NIM beach. The most splendid couple of hours of my entire stay in Rishikesh. We paddled upstream, downstream across and rolled and what not. Of course, a small and slender frame definitely aids one. 

In my opinion, a kayaker is much more in control of his kayak, than a rafter is in control of his raft. Of course there are people who might disagree. But this is just my opinion and the last time I checked we were a democracy. I paddled to my hearts desire and wound up just before sunset, in order to meet Nitin, who runs Adventure Axis, a store that deals with adventure and security gear.

The following day I met with Umesh, Nitins uncle and picked up a pair of Millet mountaineering gauntlets and some other hardwear from his store, Protos, which is in the main market. I left for Delhi the following day where I had a train to board at 2230. I reached Delhi by 1600 and met with Munesh who works at Protos' shop in Delhi. I picked up a pair of boots and crampons from the store, had sheekh kababs for dinner and made it to New Delhi by 2200; just in time for the train.  

Home Sweet Home. :)


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    1. thanks sandy. Am glad you like the post. :) been to rishikesh ever?


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