Monday, August 8, 2005

Suzuki Esteem

She is amazing, at least compared to the competition on on road in india. a 1.3l engine , 84 horses under the hood , light like a feather and a responsive engine that takes you from standstill to 100 in 12 sec. thats whopping for a 1.3L block. a top whack of 165 kmph ( the fastest i have been is 145 ).

The only concern is the breaking , a sudden break at 100 kmph and the screeching tyres will stop your heart for a minute. the vx boasts of goodies like power this, power that , study lamp (now why would one need that) among others. one doesnt need to do much to pamper her. a general servicing every 5000 kms will set your wallet back by just over Rs. 1500 /- now thats less than what most of us earn in a day. btw .. any soul on the road can repair a maruti-suzuki in India.
Hang on for the new girl "the Accent notchback"

Monday, August 1, 2005

low on confidence?

how do people get to that conclusion. ever wondered why people bite their nails? one of the reasons could be a low level of self confidence or self esteem, which i think is non sense since, one often comes across people who hold themselves in high esteem , have loads of confidence and still bite their nails.

there could be a possibility that they do that when they are anxious , or trying to contain adrenalin , or trying to think so they can come up with something constructive . ( you know , its hard nowadays to do that , on this  mudball called earth ) well one things for sure that biting nails might not be a site to behold , but it certainly does noone any harm . while it does annoy the watcher, the doer might wanna get over it as well, and one just needs to begin to realise that he/she is doin it. 

Friday, July 29, 2005


The bad boys from uk.. have a gem in " dont believe the truth " . their previous albums include -- definitely maybe , whats the - story morning glory , be here now , heathen chemistry , standing on the shoulder of giants , familiar to millions , the master plan . these albums include some of the greatest pieces of music ever. dont loook back in anger , wonderwall, acquiesce , underneath the sky , listen up , rockin chair and the list goes on. there have been ordinary works like standing on ... as well but thats a rare occasion when the gallagher brothers didnt quite hit it off . i would still recommend all the albums as they will ensure you have an experience of a kind. the music is not the run of the mill kind , and it will take time for one to start liking them.. it kinda grows on you..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

why i love the foxbats-- but blackbirds rule

Was the Mig-25 Foxbat and the upgrade Mig-31 Foxhound capable of intercepting an SR-71? This question comes up regularly at SR-71 symposiums and Blackbird speaker events throughout the U.S. To put to rest this question is the purpose of this web page.

During the cold War the Russians were highly concerned about the United State's XB-70 supersonic bomber project. In response, they built the Mig-25 which was designed to be a Mach 2.8 Interceptor . The MiG-25 lacked technological refinement, but its performance caused much concern in the west. It was designed to function both as a long- range interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft. The center fuselage is a big, welded steel fuel tank, so avionics, radar or cameras are in the nose. Speed is limited to Mach 2.83 mainly by controllability problems. The 11200kg Tumansky R-15D-300 engines develop 11,200 kgf of thrust with fully selected afterburner. The engines provide a maximum speed of 3,000 km/hour at high altitude. The maximum speed at low altitude is 1,200 km/hour. The aircraft has a service ceiling of 22,500 meters. The range at altitudes between 9 and 11 km with speed of Mach 0.85 is 1,950 km. At higher altitudes between20 and 21 km and speed Mach 2.35, the range is 1,650 km. The maximum in-service g-load is 4.5g's.There are two-seat trainer versions of both the fighter and the reconnaissance version. Production of the fighter ended in 1983. The MiG-25 saw combat in several wars in the Middle East. Over 1200 have been built, of which about 75% were interceptors.
In search of Freedom, on September 06, 1976 Lt. Viktor Ivanovich Belenko piloted his Mig-25 (USSR Product #84) from the 513th Fighter Regiment at the Siberian Base of Sakharovka, Soviet Air Defense Command and defected to the United States.

In 1967 a stripped down Mig-25 set a world record by achieving a speed of 1,852 MPH and another aircraft set the altitude record by soaring to 118,898 feet. Lt Viktor Belenko with very low fuel landed his Mig-25 at Hakodate Airport in northern Japan, running off the end of the short runway. His defection to the West gave the United States the opportunity to closely examine the Mig-25. There were many surprises:
Transistor circuitry was not used but instead the Soviets relied on high tech vacuum tubes for most of their electronics. Welding was done by hand. Rivet heads were exposed in areas not critical to parasitic aerodynamic drag. Pilot forward vision was highly obstructed.
There was a total of three engine instruments and the airspeed indicator was redlined at 2.8 Mach. Above Mach 2.8 the engines would overheat and burn up. The Americans had clocked a Mig-25 over Israel at Mach 3.2 in 1973. Upon landing in Egypt, the engines were totally destroyed.
The pilot duties were to take off, turn on the auto pilot and await instructions to fire the missiles from ground controllers. The Mig-25 had a superb auto pilot and digital communications from an onboard computer to ground controllers.
On November 12, 1976, sixty-seven days after the defection of Belenko and his Mig-25 to the West, the United States and Japan returned the Mig-25 to dismantled pieces.