Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chukila (Chakula)

A delayed post about a solo trip earlier this year. A 6400m peak called Chukila (also christened as Chakula on some maps). The peak is not technical but the approach was horrendous. The maps are unreliable; since the glaciers (as depicted on the maps were gone). There are only moraines and loose rocks in place of the glacier. I couldn't quite summit since water was very scarce. But I did climb quite high to a spot close to the summit ridge. Since this was supposed to be a fast (3 day) ascent, it didn't feel that bad.

3 hours from the Road Head. 

First camp. Striking views

Any hint of civilization is about 4 hours behind me

A nice spot adjacent to the moraine (no water)

Steep moraine. No water. Summit ridge in the distance

Views during the weak summit attempt.

An hour before turning back

Wild Rose in the middle of a river bed

Last Camp (on the way back)

Not the worst trip. But I have had more indulging climbs. Hopefully next time will be better.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Spangnak (6150m)

Took a few friends through the rarely explored Spangnak trail and along the way also climbed the Spangnak mountain. It's a straightforward ascent; the only challenge being the long approach to the top. A few pics to reminisce the trip. 

Kyagar Tso - Spangnak Base is about a four hour hike from here. 

Kyagar Tso - As seen from the summit of Spangnak (6150m)

The Summit Party - Pradeep and Maneesha to my right.

The Higher Spangnak - Main summit (6300m) - Seen in the distant background. 

A mutt at our base camp. Total nuisance but very photogenic.

A rocky peak along the trail.

A glacial pool just short of the Spangnak Glacier

Spangnak Glacier in the background. 


The penultimate campsite

First glimpse of Tso Moriri - As seen from a high pass.

Maneesha with her "Rock-y" acquaintances.

Tso Moriri (Chumser-Lungser in the background)

Here are some more snaps from the trail. Also check out the pics from Pradeep & Maneesha.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gulmarg '17

A few old friends. A few new. A lot of crazy skiing in near zero visibility over a period of a fortnight and a sore sore sore me at the end of it all. A few words to describe Gulmarg earlier this year. :D

A walk in the evenings after a hectic day on Afarwat; almost therapeutic.

Afarwat; almost imperious.

A few friends; new and not so new.