Monday, March 28, 2016

Einstein!! My new "one time" best friend :p

The ski trip to Kashmir was ruined last month due to scant snowfall. I was hoping that a trip to the Solang Valley in Himachal might redeem things for me. It wasn't to be. Snowfall was piss poor and patchy. I hardly got any skiing done. Whatever little skimo/ski touring I did manage, was shoddy at best. I had to cut short the trip and am headed back home tomorrow. The trip was ruined, but Einstein made it worth the visit. The critter followed me from Solang Village to Bakhartal, just short of Beas Kund. Although I did want to do this solo, Einstein (I didn't know his name so I took the liberty to name him after some scientist; apparently he is quite famous. Lol) had other plans.

Einstein stayed with me for a day. Even followed me to the ridge adjacent to Seri Nala and followed my skin tracks and ski descents. The second afternoon, he just walked away from me, leaving me nearly teary eyed. I met him this afternoon when I came back from the little solo adventure; While I was having mutton and rice; he just shows up, out of nowhere, how convenient? No! He is a good dog. Hope he is still there when I visit again.

Note: Beith Ja is Hindi for sit down.

More on the trip when I get home.