Thursday, November 2, 2017

Spangnak (6150m)

Took a few friends through the rarely explored Spangnak trail and along the way also climbed the Spangnak mountain. It's a straightforward ascent; the only challenge being the long approach to the top. A few pics to reminisce the trip. 

Kyagar Tso - Spangnak Base is about a four hour hike from here. 

Kyagar Tso - As seen from the summit of Spangnak (6150m)

The Summit Party - Pradeep and Maneesha to my right.

The Higher Spangnak - Main summit (6300m) - Seen in the distant background. 

A mutt at our base camp. Total nuisance but very photogenic.

A rocky peak along the trail.

A glacial pool just short of the Spangnak Glacier

Spangnak Glacier in the background. 


The penultimate campsite

First glimpse of Tso Moriri - As seen from a high pass.

Maneesha with her "Rock-y" acquaintances.

Tso Moriri (Chumser-Lungser in the background)

Here are some more snaps from the trail. Also check out the pics from Pradeep & Maneesha.

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